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Backpacking California. In my mind it was a beach-hopping haze of hippy trails and hot summer sun. When planning the trip we took a long hard look at the map of the state and decided to crawl up the coast using California’s seemingly above average public transport system.


Disposable fashion: Will we ever move on?

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I first wrote an article about disposable fashion when I was studying for my Journalism Diploma about eight years ago, and now, with this year’s Fashion Revolution, it’s time to take a look at what changes have really been made in the fashion world.

New Orleans: Getting out of the French Quarter and discovering Katrina

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Like any city, in any country, on any continent, you can stay in the tourist trap centre, or you can veer off into the depths of reality and explore suburban life. In most cities you are warned not to leave the tourist district. In the mind of your advisers, it’s best to stay with other vulnerable tourists, presumably this area is safer than walking around a neighbourhood where people actually live? Strange logic.