Why the Amazon Rainforest is like a British Music Festival

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If you are a first time Amazon trekker and are wondering what to expect, here’s a little insight.

The day my partner and I arrived in the Amazon Rainforest it was raining heavily (it’s kind of something you expect), the mud was thick, and we had to trudge a long way through the thick forest to reach our camp. By then everything was wet, we had already had enough.


Travel Article for Rainforest Cruises: How to get to Manaus

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The vast country of Brazil contains over half of the entire Amazon rainforest. So if you love adventure, Brazil’s Amazon city, Manaus, is the place to start. Experience captivating culture with its colonial houses, jungle landscapes and the picturesque harbour, while situated in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Despite its location, Manaus is a relatively easy city to get to, and from here you can take a number of Brazilian river cruises into the Amazon on a unique riverboat, with itineraries ranging from two to ten days.