Why the Amazon Rainforest is like a British Music Festival

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If you are a first time Amazon trekker and are wondering what to expect, here’s a little insight.

The day my partner and I arrived in the Amazon Rainforest it was raining heavily (it’s kind of something you expect), the mud was thick, and we had to trudge a long way through the thick forest to reach our camp. By then everything was wet, we had already had enough.


Female Travellers: Why It’s Important to Travel

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I have been travelling since I was around 17 without my parents. Five girls excitedly sat on a plane towards the European quarters of Greece and Spain. Sure, I got myself into a couple of scrapes (all my own fault), but I took care of myself, and we took care of each other. Since then I have spent four months in Greece, a few months travelling India and graced a number of other European cities.

The War on Democracy: Why South and Central American countries are trapped

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Whenever I visit a “third world” country I feel constantly frustrated, and living in Colombia is no different. The frustration may appear to be on the surface of my experience, why can’t I cross the road without it being a life-threatening experience, why are some things more expensive here than in the UK, and why are there so many poor people? But I know it goes a lot deeper than these trivial daily difficulties.