A travel-niversary

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Last week it was our two year anniversary from being away from home. As far as I’m concerned it’s not exactly something we’ve had time to celebrate or even notice, there’s always so much going on there doesn’t seem to be time to stop and recollect what we’ve achieved.

But I guess truthfully, it’s a pretty important milestone for us. We have been across North America, South America and Australia and now we are living in New Zealand, and since leaving home back in January 2015 so much has changed for us.


Always looking forward: is it the key to happiness?

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Everybody says that the best part about doing anything is the looking forward to it. I, myself, have known this to be true in the past. From the hype at Christmas time to the build up to New Year’s Eve – the lead up to just one solitary day is often when the fun really happens.

A non-English Christmas: What we really missed

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This year my partner and I were away from home at Christmas, and we decided to spend the holiday in Buenos Aires. And like everyone away from their home countries, it wasn’t really going to be “Christmas” for us this year without England and everything in it.

The strange world of travelling part two: The nine lives of travelling

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Another country, another airport, another city, another hostel, another bathroom, another bed. When you move from place to place, from country to country, seeing one place after the other, it doesn’t necessarily make you gaze in awe at everything you see, as you would expect and it definitely doesn’t make you feel like you are on holiday. However much you wish it would sometimes.

Why the Amazon Rainforest is like a British Music Festival

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If you are a first time Amazon trekker and are wondering what to expect, here’s a little insight.

The day my partner and I arrived in the Amazon Rainforest it was raining heavily (it’s kind of something you expect), the mud was thick, and we had to trudge a long way through the thick forest to reach our camp. By then everything was wet, we had already had enough.

Week one: becoming an official freelancer

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Yesterday I edited a book about how make a success of your life without working too hard. And I guess by becoming freelancers it’s what Stephen and I hope to achieve. 

We are travelling the world and working for ourselves. It sounds appealing, and I think after just week one of work I can give my initial impressions. 

First of all, it isn’t easy. But as a team of two we can motivate each other to work and read each other’s work if we get tired, it’s amazing. Deadlines can be tight, sometimes just one hour, and it’s nice to have support, imperative for me.

The work at the moment can also range from the very underpaid, to the relatively well paid.  Put it this way, if I wanted to live in England I wouldn’t be able to afford it right now… 

The positive side is the work is extremely varied, I have written about music, horses, laser hair removal, the dark web, computer games, hospitals and celebrities – all in one week! That’s without the numerous proofreading tasks I have completed this weekend. 

Our goal is to seek new platforms for our skills, which range from writing and editing, to singing and songwriting. As modern self-employed people we have a chance to make this work for us. Take control and enjoy working for ourselves. 

The book I edited focused on channeling your efforts into effectiveness rather than efficiency. It’s an interesting concept, spend less time on the low paid jobs, obviously, and work on making other jobs more effective. 

Happiness is also key to this new lifestyle. We can take charge of our time, travel and see the world and shape our own fate. 

How we move from the underpaid jobs to jobs that are financially more viable I am unsure… But these challenges are what makes this part of our lives so very exciting. 

Let’s see what week two brings… And if you have any new leads for two inspired young writers travelling the world please email them to us at charlottehowellmusic@gmail.com