3D Printshow London 2015: The highlights

3D printing, Art, Cars, Design

Traditional British car manufacturing to be enhanced by 3D printing

3D printing cars, sounds crazy? It’s actually not. One of the last traditional car manufacturers to still operate out of the UK, Morgan Motor Company, has decided to use 3D printing.

The classic car maker who is key to the automotive business, is, however, embracing this incredible technology in a slightly different way to prove that it will in fact enhance the quality of British-made cars. It won’t take away jobs or business from the traditional side of the British industry.

Morgan, who will be featuring their unique approach to 3D printing at the 3D Printshow in London on the 21 May and finishing on the 23 May, still make all of their cars by hand. What they have actually adopted is Stratsay’s FDM Technology to 3D print the production tools to enable their gifted engineers to hand build every part of the vehicle, down to the smallest details, and what’s more, maintain the tradition of British car building in the UK.

For Morgan’s luxury models, like the SP1, the British company will go one step further and 3D print bespoke parts directly onto the car, for areas like the interior, logos, mirrors, wing, and plenty more.

This buzz around the car manufacturing industry is just the start. 3D printers could alter the car manufacturing industry forever, not just for the manufacturers themselves but also for the owners. The use of this adaptable and innovative machine is, frankly, endless in this field.

Nick Ervinck: A new approach to material and techniques in design

Belgian artist Nick Ervinck is set to cause a stir with his 3D printed art and design made from the world’s only colour and multi-material 3D printer, the Objet500 Connex3.

Ervnick’s GNILICER is 3D printed structure made with various intertwining elements, that combines transparency with striking colours. Featured work will be BRETOMER, MYRSTAW, NOITULS, and VIUNAP is his new, completely transparent sculpture. All of his work for this series were created using the Objet500 Connex3 3D printer, the world’s most versatile, flexible and precise 3D printer out there at the moment.

His work, which has been featured in art galleries and prominent public spaces all around the world, are recognised as incredibly intricate and impressive pieces by both the art and the design worlds. His focus on the development of art by using new materials makes him an innovator in this field, as he has previously remarked this area could open humans up to so many possibilities and discoveries, scientifically and artistically.


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