Working from home: the pros of being self-employed

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If you are an employer….

  1. No overheads. Running your business from home means no initial investment in a costly office space for your employees. So your biggest outlay when starting a business will be removed, making smaller business ideas a financial possibility.

  2. Increased working hours. You can potentially instruct employees to work only when you need them to, and you won’t have to pay them for hours they don’t work. Making every hour and every dollar count towards your business.

  3. Diversity of employees. Without a set location for your business you can employ candidates from all over the world, from Australia even! Creating not only a diverse company, but also extending your potential working hours from nine to five to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using all of the time zones in your employees countries to run your business. Most importantly you get the BEST employees for your business, and are able to reach out to a selection of staff to suit your needs, rather than just the limited candidates in your local area.

  4. High morale. With your employees working from home, you can expect your staff to be happier in their working environment. With flexible working hours and the comfort of their own home, employees have more reason to want to work for you and remain loyal.

  5. Helping the environment. By conducting all of your meetings and conferences via video calls or telephone, you are reducing your vehicle emissions and cost to a minimum. Helping the environment and your bottom line at the same time.

If you are an employee…

  1. No commuting. You can wake up, brush your teeth, snooze if you want, then begin work, in your Pjs, and to the soundtrack of your choice! No more traffic jams, no more crowded trains, and no more late buses to chase. If it’s raining, no problem, your job is just downstairs.

  2. Saving money day-to-day. Instead of nipping out to the local Starbucks for that last-minute overpriced sandwich because you have forgotten your lunch, you can whip up a cheap meal in the comfort of your own kitchen. And make it as healthy as you like, you’ll exactly what goes into it.

  3. Flexible working hours. Work when it suits you. You can structure your day around your life, and get everything done you need to, take the kids to school, walk the dog, and finish that last assignment whenever you want to.

  4. Being your own boss. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your boss trusts you to manage your own time? Most bosses monitor their employees when they are in an office environment, if you work from home you are trusted to work efficiently without someone breathing down your neck.

  5. Reduce your carbon footprint. Staying at home means you are not using your car, which means cutting down on carbon emissions. Believe it or not you’ll be helping save the planet, now how many people can say that.


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